At AMS Ltd. we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. In addition to the products shown on this site we offer the following: –

KANBAN – To help reduce inventory we offer just in time stock supply to our customers. We will set up a system linked to our customers manufacturing requirements and ship stock to the times scales and terms required. This is system saves money by not stocking goods, other than those required to generate profit for our customers.

CONSIGNMENT STOCK – Where our customers want the assurance of stock being available but don’t want to pay for it until they use it, we offer a consignment stock system of inventory management. We agree a stock holding of parts that is held at the customers site and refreshed periodically ( weekly, monthly etc..). Once an item is used it is invoiced against the monthly purchase order. Again this ensured that stock is available and that it is only paid for when it is required.

FEEDER REPAIR / CALIBRATION – We offer feeder maintenance services both on and off customer site. We would prefer to complete the work at our premises as we are set up to do this, however in some instances our customers would rather an on site presence and we are happy to provide this.

MACHINE SERVICE CONTRACTS – Our service engineers have a wealth of experience dealing with many different machines. We offer service contracts to cover the maintenance and breakdowns on these machine.

PROCESS SET UP – Our sales engineers have many years experience in setting up processes to gain the maximum benefit from using our consumable products. In some instances customers may wish to tap into this knowledge and use or service to set up their process whilst not using our materials. We are happy to provide a process check and set up where our engineers will help set up the process with the use of thermal profiling equipment to ensure customer is getting the most out of the existing process.

EQUIPMENT / PRODUCT SEARCH – We recognise that customers are continually looking to reduce their vendor list. We can provide a service where we can supply any product or piece of equipment. Our customers request that we stock a certain product, we will source it and supply it on our normal terms.

We are happy to discuss any of the above services at any time, please call 01260 270950.